With the corner of my eye, just in front of my house, I saw a car fast approaching a black cat who was sleeping in the middle of the road, eyes half closed (or half open ?). I shouted “move”, and the cat froze instead of moving. In one of those life changing decisions, I ran and lifted the dazed cat, making it to the other side of the road, escaping harm by a whisker.
As I placed the startled cat onto the road, he said “Thank you!”
I must have looked stunned with disbelief, so the cat said,”Yes, you just heard a cat say thank you!”

As I got to know later, this was no ordinary cat! In a past life he had been an ancient Egyptian God of cats, and now in our current world, he held an equally important position among all cats.
Once he regained his composure, the black cat, who for now we will not name, gave me an amazing gift for saving his life. This gift, which was way more precious than anything money could buy, was the gift of me being able to communicate with cats!

Since then I have communicated with many cats, and they have revealed to me how they in fact control the world ( or perhaps even the universe!) using various forms of magic. I now share this information with you! Put aside your logical brain, open up your mind to another dimension, and click the button below to discover what happens in the secret world of cats.