The name

Once my initial shock of discovering that I was able to converse with cats wore off a little bit, I asked the black cat what his name was. I saw his eyes moisten as he silently looked at the ground. 

Hearing nothing, I asked again, “You must be having a name? Every cat has a name.”

“Yes, I sort of have a name. In the house I live in, they call me “Kitty”. I suppose that is my name, but I hate it.”

“Why do you hate that name, I am sure lots of cats are called Kitty?”

The black cat kept looking down, “That exactly highlights my situation. ‘Kitty’ is such an ordinary name for a cat like me who is among the wisest in the world. I need a name that reflects my importance.” 

Taking my phone from my pocket, I said, “Well, in that case, let’s search the internet for a new name that will suit you better.”

After a bit of scrolling, I thought I found the ideal name, “How about Leo! It means ‘lion’, and isn’t that powerful enough?”

“Nah, I don’t want to be associated at all with silly lions! Cats like me do not need to show off their power, like how lions do. We cats specialize in being powerful while not appearing powerful”

“Ok, how about the name, ‘Theo’?”

The black cat’s eyes opened wide, “What does Theo mean?”

“It seems to mean ‘God-like’.”

“Yes, that would be a perfect name for me! Oh, I am so happy.”

“Well Theo, I am very happy that we have connected. I have a deep feeling that we will become good friends.”

Theo looked up at me, and smiled (I had never seen a cat smile before, but I think it was a smile), and said, “My cat intuition tells me the same, and cat intuition is almost always right. By the way, what is your name?”

“My name is Prasanna, but you can call me ‘Pras’. It supposedly means ‘happiness’.”

“That’s a great name as well.”

“Thank you.”

And so began my journey of discovering the amazing secret world of cats. 

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